Parents - Wellness Fund

As our school community increases in number, inevitably many other things increase proportionally - both the things that are good and those that are sad.

From time-to-time families have to face or deal with various circumstances that are less than pleasant. It would be fair to say that our community is wonderful in the support it affords families; the Family Support Group does an outstanding job with meals and other forms of support. It seems that whenever there is a sickness or illness, so many people want to help or provide assistance.

It is for this reason we elected to start a Wellness Fund. This fund enables us to support families in addition to the support they may be afforded now - it is an extension of the kind of thing the Family Support Group does. The fund is jointly administered by the Principal and Parish Priest.


Ms. Mandy Doolan & Fr. John Hannon
(Acting Principal)     (Parish Priest)