Our Students - Gardening Group

Over recent years the students at St. Therese’s School have become more aware of their responsibility to look after the environment. This has been achieved through their involvement in activities such as water recycling, composting, comingled recycling and the establishment of a garden.

The students have been able to add to their repertoire the establishment of a vegetable garden. Four large apple crates have been set up as raised vegetable patches. Each year a new gardening group is formed and its members meet once or twice per week during lunchtime. Students are responsible for preparing the soil and planting seedlings and cuttings. They then tender to the crops by regularly watering and fertilizing them until it’s time to harvest. During the ‘waiting’ period students also look after other garden areas throughout the school by weeding and fertilizing them.

All the Gardening Group members have enjoyed sampling some of the produce – snow peas and strawberries seem to be a favourite – as well as having the opportunity to sell some of the vegetables to teachers.