Our Students - Middle School

The Middle School consists of six classes covering Years Three & Four. During this time, we strive to foster a sense of independence, responsibility and resilience in our students.  

Sacraments form an integral part of our students’ Catholic education in the middle years. In Year Three, the students celebrate the Sacrament of Penance (First Reconciliation). This is followed by their participation in the Sacrament of the Eucharist (First Communion) in Year Four.

During Literacy, students are introduced to higher order comprehension skills such as learning to make inferences and evaluations. They work to increase their reading stamina and have opportunities to select appropriate personalised texts. Students continue to build upon their knowledge of the various writing genres such as persuasive pieces, explanations and expositions.

The Maths curriculum incorporates activities across the strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics & Probability. There is an increased focus on open ended problem solving and mathematical thinking. Students are encouraged to build a range of mental and written strategies for all operations and articulate what they have done.

In Humanities, students focus on Australia through both Geography and History units including studies on flora and fauna, government, states and territories, first settlement and indigenous perspectives. Environmental studies also form an important part of the curriculum at this level where sustainability and recycling are explored.

In Science, students investigate topics such as: the Earth – its movement and processes which cause changes to the surface; Living things – common features and survival; Heat  - its effect on different materials; and Forces – the interaction between objects.

The Arts are incorporated into many areas of the curriculum and include role-play, visual arts and music. Students also build on their use of various visual media before beginning to study a range of specific art movements and artists.


Please see below for a more detailed term overview of each year level.