Our Students - Junior School

The Junior School consists of nine classes - three each of Prep, Year One and Year Two. The goals for each year level remain individualised according to each student’s academic, social and emotional development. Each year level encourages independence, resilience and self-esteem in our students. Our classrooms aim to consolidate and promote learning in a happy and safe environment.


Literacy sessions are comprised of whole group, small group and individual teaching. This enables the Junior School teachers to differentiate the teaching focus and learning experiences to cater for individual student’s needs. Skills are taught explicitly within a two-hour Literacy session using a variety of strategies and approaches. Explicit phonics teaching, through the Jolly Phonics Program, aims to develop phonological awareness and reading fluency - both essential for comprehension to occur. We provide a variety of Intervention programs for those students who are experiencing difficulties in Literacy.


Oral language is a major component of our curriculum as it provides a solid foundation for the development of reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use oral language to develop their powers of reasoning and observation, prediction, sequencing and other skills connected with reading.


The Junior School lays the foundation for learning Mathematics. During this time, students learn the language of maths and develop mathematical ideas relevant to their current lives. Students have the opportunity to explore the concepts of number, measurement, shape, space, sequence and pattern. They are introduced to open ended problem solving and mathematical thinking.


Religion in the Junior School is based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Students are introduced to Jesus Christ in the Gospels and to the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. The learning process is built around story, play and wonder.


Students are introduced to various forms of role-play, visual arts and music in The Arts. They explore creatively and kinaesthetically in a range of different contexts.


Science in the Junior School consists of testing, exploring and investigating ideas. Through a range of topics, students gather information and are encouraged to take part in purposeful play.

Please see below for a more detailed term overview of each year level.