Our School - Numeracy Intervention - EMU

The Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Program is a short term, intensive numeracy intervention program that targets students in Year One and Year Two who are struggling in aspects of whole number learning. Students are identified based on analysis of the Mathematics Assessment Interview, which is administered by the classroom teacher at the beginning of the year. From these results, students are identified and selected to be on the EMU program.


The program involves the EMU specialist teacher working with groups of three students, outside the classroom five times per week for 30 minutes per lesson for a period of 10-20 weeks. The sessions consist of activities that allow the students to develop their counting skills; rich tasks focusing on pattern, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and measurement contexts; and concludes with reflection time. Students will be given daily tasks to be completed at home with their families. For the program to make a significant impact on the participants, home support is crucial.


Adapted from Extending Mathematical Understanding Intervention, Ann Gervasoni, 2015.