Our School - Digital Technologies

St. Therese’s offers a very comprehensive Digital Technologies program across all year levels and is well equipped in terms of providing up-to-date equipment and software

The aim of the program is to equip our students with the knowledge and skill set they need to develop and prosper in a society where technology is advancing more and more everyday. This is done through a variety of tasks and challenges, both aimed at the emerging learners in the lower year levels to the more developed, techno-savvy students in the upper year levels.

The school facilitates an Apple Mac environment and has done so successfully for a number of years. There is computer lab set up for Digital Technologies classes and is available for general classroom use outside of this time. iMacs and MacBooks are located throughout the school ready for students to use, with the Middle and Senior students having their own individual accounts. iPads are currently used in the Junior and Middle years, which further enhances the students’ knowledge and appreciation of the Mac environment. St. Therese’s also facilitates a 1to1 portable device program in Years Four to Six which enables the students to fully immerse themselves in the possibilities that online learning holds.

Our students’ immersion into Digital Technologies begins right from Foundation where they start to develop the fine motor skills of moving and controlling a mouse, a skill that as adults we sometimes take for granted. They continue to develop throughout the Junior years, adding to their knowledge and skills base, so they are ready to perform more complex tasks in the Middle and Senior years.

By the time the students reach the Middle years, they are ready to extend their learning further and adapt the things they have learnt to a variety of programs and applications. They use Digital Technologies to present, explain, entertain and discover as they are presented with a number of opportunities to try the latest education based technology on offer. From here, they are also introduced to G Suite for Education, and begin to work with the amazing tools and apps provided by Google.

In the Senior years, the students are offered a chance to work with various programs they may use throughout Secondary School and beyond. Units involving coding, robotics and image manipulation are explored that help shape the tech-gurus of tomorrow.