Our School - Music

St. Therese’s School offers an enriching music program from Foundation to Year Six. Orff and Kodaly methodologies are taught throughout each year level where each student is able to create, compose and perform, promoting an all-inclusive approach to music making.

In Foundation, Year One and Year Two, emphasis is on developing a repertoire of songs specifically chosen to encourage tuneful and accurate pitch and singing techniques. The playing of percussive instruments along with singing and creative movement encourages spatial and body awareness as students move and play to the beat and pulse of the music.

Students in Year Three and Year Four explore the elements of music as they improvise, arrange, compose and accurately perform music using body percussion and a variety of tuned and untuned instruments. They formulate responses to music, exploring various purposes and intentions for music in their own and other cultures.

Year Five and Six students can aurally recognise and describe musical features of works, discussing and comparing the musical elements of a variety of works from their own and other cultures and times. They use instruments and technology to create and perform their own original compositions, and compare and analyse the works of others.

Through singing, percussion work and creative movement, students are taken on a creative journey to take charge of their own learning.

Year Three, Four and Five Recorder program

Each student in Year Three, Four and Five learns to develop their musical skills on the descant recorder. They are given a variety of recorder pieces to perform as part of the music curriculum.

Year Six African Drumming program

Each student in Year Six learns to develop their musical skills using the Djembe. Each semester, the children learn a variety of rhythms and African songs/chants that they perform at their Graduation evening at the end of Term Four.