Our School - LOTE

There are two LOTE programs offered at St. Therese’s School. The students from Foundation to Year Four participate in a weekly Italian lesson, whilst Year Five and Six students learn Indonesian. Both programs consist of language acquisition and cultural learning.  All students participate in the annual Multicultural Day celebrations. On this day, students learn more about other cultures through completing various activities, often in multi-age groupings, related to art, cooking, geography, sport, games, stories, etc.

Throughout the Junior and Middle years, students learn to follow simple classroom instructions and to use various greetings and other set phrases in Italian. Important times of the year such as Easter and Christmas are looked at from an Italian perspective and students have the opportunity to complete related activities. All the students participate in several ‘Google’ trips to Italy to become virtual tourists and broaden their knowledge in particular areas.

The students in Foundation learn the names of some colours, family members, seasons, animals and numbers. They then build upon this knowledge in subsequent years as well as learning about topics such as body parts, items of clothing, days of the week, classroom items, time, food and adjectives to name but a few.

The students in Year Five and Six are introduced to basic concepts and conversational vocabulary in Indonesian. Throughout their senior years, they gain intercultural knowledge and language awareness by listening and speaking, reading, writing and viewing. Students become more proficient in counting using Indonesian numbers, introducing themselves, greeting others and learning the names of colours, school objects, subjects, animals and family members. The students also use ICT to research and write reports on Indonesian places, animals and cultural events.