Our School - Student Wellbeing

At St. Therese’s, we believe that Student Wellbeing is an integral component of our vision and practice. Guided by the Student Wellbeing Team, our school endeavours to foster and support the development of the whole child, which encompasses the social, emotional, academic and physical needs of our children. We promote the importance of a safe and nurturing school environment where children feel supported and connected, for we understand the impact this has on children’s learning and development. We acknowledge the importance of the partnership between children, their families and the school. 

Our school offers a range of preventative programs, which aim to support the social and emotional development of our children. The following programs are offered each year:

  • Fun Friends Program in junior school (Paula Barrett, 2007)
  • Friends for Life Program in middle and senior school (Paula Barrett, 2005)
  • Seasons Grief and Loss Program

In addition to these programs, children have opportunities to participate in group and whole class activities designed to foster resilience, interpersonal and relationship skills. These are arranged in conjunction with teachers and are based on individual and class needs.

Our school has a Psychologist on staff, enabling us to offer a range of support services to children, their families and our staff.  A range of positive psychology strategies are incorporated into our practice, which further supports our work in the area of wellbeing.

Our school implements Restorative Practices, an approach used to identify the harm done to a relationship and to rebuild or restore that relationship. Staff members use a series of questions to assist the children to reflect on the impact of their words or actions on the other person and to work towards reconciliation. In addition to this, there are provisions made for mediation, should this be required.